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Hi! I’m Joe, and I Love what I do…

​….at a very young age I was fascinated with building things from various materials emphasizing on functionality and style. International Cabinetry in Hendersonville captures a client’s vision while blending elements crucial to design, functionality and mode- it has its own energy!

Name: “Papa” Joe Martin
Position: CEO/Master Cabinet Builder
Current Super Power: Verbal Karate
Favorite Food: Pizza of course!!!
Name: “Wild” Bill Martin
Position: ​Lead Builder
Current Super Power: Making the Impossible look Easy!
Favorite Food: Free anything!!!
Name: “The” Craig Martin
Position: Head of Finishing & Assembly
Current Super Power: Can paint two colors at once.
Favorite Food: Hotdogs with ketchup & mustard.

Welcome to the “Lair”…Building Inspiration one Day at a Time!